18 months - 2-1/2 years
We work to develop independence.
We have free time to play with friends
and work on sharing skills daily. Our
favorite thing to do is dance!  We also
sing songs, read stories, create artwork,
work with flashcards, and play outside.
Our teachers are loving and attentive to
each child in our care.


2-1/2 - 3 years
This class is focused on potty
training and building self-esteem.
Children enjoy activities including:
outside/gym time, creating artwork,
appreciation of quiet time, singing
songs, reading stories, free play
the beginning of emphasis on
responsibility and cleaning up.


4 year olds...
Four year olds enjoy both
independent and group activities.
We focus on learning by doing and
learning center activities.  We place
more emphasis on cleaning up after
themselves, music development, arts
and crafts, outdoor and gym play
time, etc.


5 + years
Our school programs also
offer both classroom and hands-
on activities and learning projects
for older children.  They will learn
both physical (sports) and classroom
lessons including music appreciation,
arts and crafts, and independent
thinking skills.